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Messiah Broken For Me Sticker

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How can I say, I'm a sinner but the Savior have himself so that I could live? Well, I could say what I just said, or I could make a sticker to go on the back of my car that says it as well. 

This is a clear sticker with white lettering. 

The gospel in a clear nutshell, you might want to say. " Torah broken by me. Messiah Broken for me." 


Get this message out there. The time is short and the nations are raging. Many people will repent and come to know the Messiah. 

If you order this sticker (and I hope you do) please share a picture with us once you have placed it. Email it to us directly, or simply tag us at @yayverilyshow . 

Size: 3" x 3"

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