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Can we laugh at people who stumble?

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Is it okay to laugh at a politician who climbs up the stairs and trips three times? Well absolutely. Why in the world do I say that? Because we all laugh when we see someone trip or bump their head. It is a natural reaction. It’s not okay to make fun of someone. It is perfectly acceptable, otherwise we would have no such thing as clowns, or the Three stooges. Physical comedy rules.

So maybe you’re not the biggest fan of it. But you can’t help but laugh when something like that happens. The youngest child laughs if you bump your head. Even before they have any words, trust me, you can make them laugh. That’s why I dedicate this week’s video to the concept of the humor in Pratt falls. Specifically the kind that you see on red red staircases that lead up to Air Force One. I demonstrated four of the common types of tripping on the stairs. We also got to see how my daughter is at faking this kind of humor. Thanks for watching your favorite fake humor YouTube show, yay verily.

To add to the humor of the actual event, we can enjoy the fake news commentary right here.

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