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Pine Needle Tea… Um…

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We go outdoors and try this new trend. Pine Needle Tea From The Backyard – Will It Heal? Does It Taste Like It Sounds?
Many people are reporting a strangely common plant and pointing to its possible healing properties. Podcasts and bloggers are mentioning this as possible hope for the virus as well as the vax side effects.
It’s nothing new, but it has received new fame due to the fact that many treatments are being censored – and even outlawed in an apparent effort to promote the vaccinations on a grand scale.
What does this stuff taste like? What if it makes me puke, then I don’t see it doing much good.
I literally picked pine needles from a young pine tree on our road, cut it up, and brewed it. Join me for the unrehearsed taste test.

Here is a link to instructions on how to make the tea. Pine needle tea. Maybe it’s nature’s flu treatment.

Would you try this homemade wonder tea? Better start hoarding now…

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